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"This site is dedicated to the study of Homœopathy and provides educational information, articles and services to homœopaths all over the globe."

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H.O.E. (Homoeopathic Online Education) is an organization founded by David Little. David has been practicing Homoeopathy for the past 30 years. A collection of his articles and other educational information are the core part of this site. Our goal is to provide valuable knowledge of the true methods of Homoeopathy, so that it can be used in a safe and effective manner.

Special Sale of David Little’s
Online Homoeopathic Course

Special Sale of David Little’s Online Homoeopathic Course Homoeopathic Online Education (H.O.E.) is offering a sale of the entire archive of David Little's four year course for only $350. Save $100 on the already reasonable price of $450.

This comprehensive course is being offered at a minimum price for a limited time.

  • The material comprises four digital books divided into a series of lessons that teach important methods used by Samuel Hahnemann and other great homoeopaths which are no longer commonly taught today.
  • The lessons offer detailed instructions on administering the medicinal solution of the C and LM (Q) potency as well as explaining the case management procedures associated with the 5th and 6th editions of the Organon.
  • The archive also includes a record of the discussions and question and answer sessions that took place in the original email classroom over a four year period. Many of the international students in these discussions were teachers in their own right who added their experience to the pool of knowledge.
  • Once you join the H.O.E. course you will have access to our new exclusive email group where members can interact, review the course material and discuss Homoeopathy in general.

- Click here for more information and how to join..

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